English in the News -headed towards

이 영상에서는 어휘 “headed towards”가 최신 뉴스 스토리에서 어떻게 사용되는지를 보여드리겠습니다. 예를 들어: 나이키는 8년만에 처음으로 연례 재고 감소를 이끌어 냈다.

此视频说明最近的新闻报道如何使用单词“headed towards”。 例如: 耐克的股票8年来首次出现年度下滑。

このビデオでは、「headed towards」という単語が、最近の二ユースでどのように使われたかをご紹介しています。 たとえば:ナイキは、8年ぶりの株価が下落に向かっています。

News stories from the video:

Typhoon Meranti blasted Taiwan, and now it’s headed to China, The Washington Post

On Tuesday morning, Super Typhoon Meranti became the strongest storm on Earth so far in 2016. Inside the eye wall, the wind roared at a constant 185 mph. … On Tuesday evening, Meranti’s eye passed less than 20 miles south of Taiwan. Even without a direct landfall, the super typhoon unleashed wind gusts over 100 mph….Now in the South China Sea, Typhoon Meranti is the equivalent of a Category 4 hurricane, and it’s headed toward China.

Hard Times for Chinese Investors in Europe, The Diplomat

Chinese investments in the European Union have been facing impediments, with European governments subjecting China’s merger and acquisition (M&A) targets to extra scrutiny…. Contrary to the German and French reservations, a number of Central and Eastern EU countries see Chinese investment as a silver bullet for their staggering economies. Especially after the economic crisis in 2009, Chinese enterprises have headed toward the financially weakest European countries, exploiting the looming financial and strategic opportunities (as for example in the case of the purchase of Greece’s Piraeus port by China’s COSCO).

Nissan CEO insists on post-Brexit guarantees, Deutsche Welle

Nissan has said it’ll decide by the end of the year whether to build its new SUV model at Britain’s Sunderland facility. The carmaker wants guarantees from Downing Street that Brexit will not harm its investment.
“Nissan has been concerned that Britain is headed toward a “hard Brexit,” which would leave it outside the European single market and facing tariffs of up to 10 percent on car exports.” Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn insists on post-Brexit guarantees.

Nike Headed Toward First Annual Stock Drop in Eight Years, Bloomburg

Nike is headed toward its first annual stock drop in eight years. Nike Inc. has enjoyed a seven-year rally since the last recession, but 2016 may bring that to an end. One of the biggest concerns for investors has been slowing growth in the U.S., where Nike is facing stronger competition from Under Armour Inc. and Adidas AG.


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