Immigration mega-fraud in Canada: the Xun “Sunny” Wang scandal

Fake job, fake education, fake residency: 15 clients of fraudulent immigration scheme deported:


Fifteen former clients of an imprisoned B.C. immigration consultant have now been deported to China. And the failed appeals by two women who fought to remain in Canada provide a rare glimpse into the illegal tactics used to carry out what has been labelled as the biggest immigration scam in B.C. history.

Immigration Appeal Division transcripts obtained by CBC News detail lies and deceptions, including one immigrant pretending to attend university in B.C. while actually obtaining an education outside the country.

Another fraudulently claimed to work for a fictitious B.C.-based company while in fact living in China.

Read the full report from CBC.

이민사기 피해자 800명 추방 위기 :

무자격 이민컨설턴트가 제공한 거짓정보로 영주권을 받은 수백 명의 중국인들이 캐나다로부터 추방 당할 위기에 처해 있다고 CBC뉴스가 최근 보도했다. 보도에 따르면 리치몬드 소재 뉴캔 이민회사의 컨설턴트로 일하면서 1,200명의 고객들의 영주권 및 시민권 취득을 도와준 쑨 웡 씨(47)가 고객들의 서류에 거짓정보를 기재한 혐의가 유죄로 인정되면서 그의 고객 중 320여 명이 영주권이나 시민권을 박탈 당할 지경에 이르렀다는 것.

加拿大最大移民骗局细节曝光 留学经历凭空捏造


这个卑诗省大案的主谋王迅(Xun“Sunny” Wang,音译)利用其开办的2家移民顾问公司New Can Consultants及Wellong International Investments,为约1,200名客户提供了移民、枫叶卡更新或公民申请等代理服务,但使用了造假手段。


 全文.   腾讯教育


Immigration mega-fraud: the rich Chinese immigrants to Canada who don’t really want to live there:

The case of Xun “Sunny” Wang, a Vancouver-area consultant jailed for masterminding the biggest immigration fraud in Canadian history, is startling in scope.

Wang, 46, who was sentenced on October 23 to seven years in prison, conducted his fraud on an almost industrial scale, as he helped rich Chinese clients maintain Canadian permanent-resident status and later obtain citizenship.

Chinese passports both real and fake were shipped in bulk to the mainland, where professional forgers would doctor them to make it look like their owners had been present in Canada when they had actually been in China. Wang would set up his clients in fake jobs at his firms, printing business cards for them and issuing pay slips – adding insult to injury, their fake salaries were so low his wealthy clients were able to file tax returns that allowed them to claim from Canadian coffers tax benefits intended for the working poor.

Keep reading the article from the South China Morning Post.



涉嫌参与华裔无牌移民顾问王洵(Xun Wang,译音)商业骗案的3个华裔女职员周五出庭,包括姜文(Wen Jiang,译音,下同)、吴明昆(Ming Kun Wu)、马锦(Jin Ma)等3人,分别被控蓄意误导、伪造文书、税务造假等12项控罪。


全文. 人在温哥华VanPeople




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