How to learn to speak English

“Is there an easy way to learn to speak English? I want to learn quickly.” I hear this often and tell people “No.” This isn’t the answer they want, but it is true. Learning a language takes a lot of effort. Also, effort is more important than time.

The most important things you need to do to learn to speak another language or improve your skills are:

1. Practise speaking every day. No excuses. Even just 10min each day will help greatly.

2. Immerse yourself in the language. Each day, find a way to be in contact with the language. It could be watching children’s TV shows, watching youtube videos, listening to the news, or whatever keeps you interested.

3. Practise speaking with native speakers (like me), or if that’s not possible, with near-native speakers. Take an online class, or if you have time, find a language exchange friend.

4. If you have a teacher/tutor who is helping you, commit to his/her class. Don’t cancel because you are busy or forget to do the homework. Take it seriously.

5. Really concentrate on how native speakers speak and try to mimic them.  This takes a lot of effort, but the Internet makes finding material to mimic very easy.

6. Stop thinking that having to learn English is a burden and particularly unfair or difficult for you and your fellow countrymen. This attitude is unhelpful.  Learning a second or third language is something many people do all over the world. →
In my country, it’s necessary to be bilingual to be successful in federal politics. I know plenty of people who speak two languages and even some who speak three or four. Where I live now, as a foreigner, it was necessary for me to learn the local language and take challenging government classes and exams to earn the visa I have now. Your experience is not unique.  You can learn like the rest of us if you have the right attitude. (:

For more advice:

This link gives more detailed tips. Check it out. As well, I added a link to a recent radio podcast about this topic.


insta post (:


5 thoughts on “How to learn to speak English

  1. andreacfrt says:

    This is so helpful. I am living in Egypt for 1 year and I have struggled to learn Arabic. However, I am not shy to speak any time I have a change, even if it’s to argue with taxi drivers or bargain for a fair prize. I am now noticing that I’ve becoming better and now using the grammar some how effectively just by actively listening and speaking.


    • Ms. Hilts says:

      Thanks! Glad it’s helpful. I too noticed my Korean got better when I started arguing with taxi drivers ☺. Good luck with your Arabic.


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