How to learn to speak English

“Is there an easy way to learn to speak English? I want to learn quickly.” I hear this often and tell people “No.” This isn’t the answer they want, but it is true. Learning a language takes a lot of effort. Also, effort is more important than time. The most important things you need to … Continue reading How to learn to speak English


Common mistakes – what she said

This video is about common English mistakes that happen when students try to talk about speaking and understanding. 当学生试图用英语谈论说话和理解时,常常会出现这些错误。 こうした共通の誤りは、生徒たちが「言うことを理解」すると言おうとする時に起こります。 이러한 흔한 영어표현의 실수들은 학생들이 말하기와 이해에 관해 이야기 하려고 할 때 일어납니다.

English in the News -headed towards

이 영상에서는 어휘 “headed towards”가 최신 뉴스 스토리에서 어떻게 사용되는지를 보여드리겠습니다. 예를 들어: 나이키는 8년만에 처음으로 연례 재고 감소를 이끌어 냈다. 此视频说明最近的新闻报道如何使用单词“headed towards”。 例如: 耐克的股票8年来首次出现年度下滑。 このビデオでは、「headed towards」という単語が、最近の二ユースでどのように使われたかをご紹介しています。 たとえば:ナイキは、8年ぶりの株価が下落に向かっています。 News stories from the video: Typhoon Meranti blasted Taiwan, and now it’s headed to China, The Washington Post On Tuesday morning, Super Typhoon Meranti became the strongest storm … Continue reading English in the News -headed towards

Common mistakes – most / most of

  Watch the video to learn how to use "most" to talk about a general group of people. 观看视频,学习如何像以英语为母语的人那样正确、自然地使用“most”和“most of”。 영상을 보시고 원어민들이 어떻게 “most”와 “most of”를 정확하고 자연스럽게 사용하는지 익혀보세요. 英語のネイティブスピーカーのように、正確かつ自然に『most』と『most of』の単語の使い方を学習するために、このビデオを観てください。

English in the News – has been under

In this video, you will listen to how the word "under" , in conjunction with present perfect tense, has been used in the news. 다음 영상에서는 어휘 “under”가 현재완료형과 함께 뉴스에서 어떻게 사용 되는지 들어보겠습니다. 예를 들어:  태국은 2014년 이래로 군사통치하에 있어왔다. 在这段视频中,你将一段新闻中听到“under”这个单词,与现在完成时结合在一起。例如:  泰国自2014年以来一直处于军事统治之下。 このビデオでは、ニュースにおいて現在完了形と同時に、『under』がどのように使われているのかを、あなたに聴いて頂くことになります。たとえば:タイは2014年以来、軍事政権下にあります。 News in this week's English in the News video → … Continue reading English in the News – has been under