Without sticking exclusively to textbooks, I have been having conversational classes with Janet once a week for six months. I believe that learning English from a good teacher is more important than investing hundreds of hours studying English. For me, Janet is a good teacher.


I am very satisfied with Janet’s lessons because I am no longer afraid to talk with people from abroad. A foreigner asked me for directions on the subway when I was heading back home from work. Without having to worry about whatever I was saying was correct, I was able to speak comfortably. At that moment, I realized it was because of Janet. I believe that is the greatest benefit of having private lessons with a native speaker.


Janet not only teaches me material from the textbook but also lets me know a lot of different aspects of American and Canadian culture, which makes the lessons even more interesting. I think the greatest strength of Janet is that she checks my pronunciation of every word very meticulously. I would highly recommend Janet’s English lessons to anyone who is struggling with his/her English conversational skills.


I feel very comfortable and not at all nervous when I study with Janet even though she is a native English speaker. I am in my 50s so I tend to forget what I studied with Janet. But she reminds me right away. Sometimes, she is elated and gives me compliments when I make perfect English sentences. It feels extremely great.


Janet fixing my English has been a great help. After four months of classes with her, I felt it was easier to communicate in English when I recently was on my business trip abroad. I believe private English lessons might be the best way to take your English skills to another level.